Sunday, November 24, 2013

Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills (WTBD) | Army Powerpoint Classes

Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills (WTBD) | Army Powerpoint Classes

Convoy and Combat Logistics Patrols | Powerpoint Classes: Army Pre-made Training

Convoy and Combat Logistics Patrols | Powerpoint Classes: Army Pre-made Training

Sunday, May 19, 2013

PowerpointRanger Changes its Address

Well, we have done it, painful as it is, we have moved the site back to it's original site at I know all the reasons NOT to move the site, the branding, the name recognition, users may get confused. But I couldnt continue anymore, and here is why.

Blame Gooogle.

Okay, so maybe its not just Google, I take some ownership, but we went back to our original URL mostly because the site is getting harder to find when searching on specific classes keywords. Obviously the powerhouse search engine is Google, so I have been noticing traffic to the site and just general activity has been falling off since the beginning off the year. When I moved the page to the new URL a year ago I really had to rebuild traffic and probably used some bad techniques, like building backlinks and such, not letting links to the site happen naturally.

Over time the site picked up and we were chugging along, and then like someone slammed on the brakes we fell way off the map. My Pagerank had fallen from 4s and 5s to twos and my traffic was falling. Below is a chart only back to mid-Feb, Google will not allow me to back further but you can see how it is going, but it was on the higher scale to left as well.
I had tried working harder at refining the pages. I was working all the proper labels, cleaning up bad habits and added more and fresher content. I reduced links and built better targets pages, but to no avail. Last year Google updated the way its search engine looked at sites with its Penguin update, however we actually benefited from it. Well, it appears that there has been tweaking done this year and one of the areas that appear to penalize sites is links pages off-site.

As many of you know PowerpointRanger links to all its classes by using a directory listing, by subject. Because of the huge amount of files we have (thousands) we chew up a lot of bandwidth and server storage space, so I had purposely broke the site up to a main site, and the files location site, hence the two URLs.
However it has seemed to have raise an unnaurual link flag at Google and consider us as cross-posting.

Needless to say this move was a tough decision and a pain to my users, but what good is the site for pre-made military training if no one can find the classes in the first place? I hope to be able to continue to clean up the site and take care of any past transgressions with the Search engines. I could use my members help to link back to us if you find the site useful. But naturally, please. :)

Dan Elder, webmaster